Saturday, April 19, 2014

Photos from Spring Vegetables Gardening Class (4-12-14)

 Enjoy these photos from last Saturdays' Spring Vegetable Gardening Class/Workshop with instructors Earl Hochin and Phil Ramey.

Earl Hochin, an HOH Volunteer and Master Gardener, demonstrating today's class (left).
 Judith, participant, on right.

A few seeds/seedlings that were planted:
Brussels sprouts, peas carrots, broccoli, lettuce (not shown)


Measuring about 18" between broccoli plants

               Broccoli (closeup)                                               Don't forget to water :)


Peas (closeup)
Peas that had germinated
 (in paper towels/ziploc- a few weeks prior)

Planting of pea seeds

Participants in the class learned a lot today 

Last, but not least... a Master Weeder

Enjoy listening to a cute tune about Broccoli: The Broccoli Boogie by Sam Jones...

And here's one about peas: Goober Peas by Johnny Cash And Burl Ives :)

Happy Gardening!

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