Monday, April 28, 2014

Class Learning Implemented at Home...

Raised Bed

Raised bed built at home.

On March 1st, a class was held on how to build raised beds. One of the participants, Sally Richard, took what she learned and put it into action by building a raised bed of her own.  Way to go, Sally :)

Peas Germinating

Alaska Peas germinating in moist paper towels inside vented ziploc.

Here is another example of how one of our HOH participants implemented at home (here shown in photo, April 23rd), what they learned previously at Spring Vegetable Gardening Class (April 12th).  This photo was submitted anonymously.

Happy Gardening!  

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Friday, April 25, 2014

National Arbor Day!

Close-up shot of Crabapple blossoms

Today is National Arbor Day!  To celebrate, enjoy these photos of recently planted Crabapple trees.   These trees were planted in the rear area surrounding the garden earlier this month.

Happy Gardening!  Now go out and plant a tree :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Few Tidbits for Garden Members

Happy Spring!

Here are a few tidbits of information for our Harvest of Hope (HOH) Community Garden Members.


  • Master Gardeners (MG's) will be on hand at the HOH Community Garden at 10am-ish in the mornings on:

    Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays.
    [May possibly be available some Saturday evenings (TBA)]

  • A Bulletin Board is up on the left-hand side of garden shed for any announcements, current info, forms, etc.
  • Got Questions?  Go to the Garden on the above days to talk with MG's in person.  If you have a question, and cannot meet at those times, leave a message on the bulletin board on the left side of the garden shed.
  • In addition to weeding, watering, and maintaining your own
    raised bed(s), Volunteer Garden Members are asked to maintain the space surrounding their raised bed by weeding the gravel area (& disposing the weeds/trash).

  • Garden Compost Bags recently donated by Lowes [Thank you]. Available for member use.

  • NEW!  Raised Bed Labeling

  • Coming Soon: Weigh Station
    This will be put in a covered area next to existing shed. Although members can take home some of produce that they grow for themselves, they are encouraged to log (see forms by bulletin board) and donate some of these foods to the Food Pantries, etc.  See    The weigh station will be used to weigh vegetables that are donated.

Happy Gardening !

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Photos from Spring Vegetables Gardening Class (4-12-14)

 Enjoy these photos from last Saturdays' Spring Vegetable Gardening Class/Workshop with instructors Earl Hochin and Phil Ramey.

Earl Hochin, an HOH Volunteer and Master Gardener, demonstrating today's class (left).
 Judith, participant, on right.

A few seeds/seedlings that were planted:
Brussels sprouts, peas carrots, broccoli, lettuce (not shown)


Measuring about 18" between broccoli plants

               Broccoli (closeup)                                               Don't forget to water :)


Peas (closeup)
Peas that had germinated
 (in paper towels/ziploc- a few weeks prior)

Planting of pea seeds

Participants in the class learned a lot today 

Last, but not least... a Master Weeder

Enjoy listening to a cute tune about Broccoli: The Broccoli Boogie by Sam Jones...

And here's one about peas: Goober Peas by Johnny Cash And Burl Ives :)

Happy Gardening!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Vegetable Gardening Class

 Image Credit

Join us for a 

Spring Gardening Class/Workshop

10am Saturday April 12th 2014
at The Harvest Of Hope (HOH) Community Garden

The class will be taught by an HOH Master Gardener.
*Bring outdoor/folding chair if desired.

See the Calendar of Events for more Class/Workshop dates and times. Happy Gardening :)

Top Photo (vegetables in basket) Credit:
Bottom Photo (Gloves around plant) Credit:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Babes in Garden-Land

"If we can impact just one young person then we have done well on this Earth."

Quote from an HOH Master Gardener

On Tuesday, young volunteer gardeners helped the Harvest of Hope Garden by landscaping some of the perimeter of the garden.

Leigh (9), bottom right of photo, said, "I loved planting the the Flowering Quince Shrubs and [was so inspired by their beauty] would love to paint that someday."

"You Step around the plants like this after planting them.  Fun!!"

Laying out and spacing of Boxwood Shrubs, etc.
Brooke, age 11:  "It's interesting how you break up the soil around the root to loosen it up before planting into ground."

Kate, age 13, said of all the things that she got to do, " favorite part was the placing of plants into the ground. It made me feel that the void in the ground was now filled with earthly goodness!"

Plant flowers in others' gardens and your life becomes a bouquet!  ~Author Unknown