Thursday, July 18, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

What is all the HYPE about these teens? The YMCA Hype Teen Camp Volunteers at HOH Garden

I'll tell you what all the HYPE is about....

These fine young teens from the local YMCA Hype Teen Camp used their time & energy to help the Harvest of Hope Garden on Friday.  HYPE, Helping Youth Pursue Excellence, is a summer teen camp organized by the Kingsport YMCA; find out more about this great summer teen program at


moving mulch

 spreading mulch

Thank you HYPE Teens...  Harvest of Hope gardening brings out the EXCELLENCE in you!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Everybirdy Welcome!


 We all know how birds help our gardens.  Three bird houses were recently installed in the garden.  

View from the road (Charlemont).  First birdhouse on left, front corner;
birdhouse built by Vernon Maddox

View from road; this second birdhouse, located right front corner of garden.  Also made by Vernon Maddox.
Same 2nd birdhouse viewed from right fence

Third birdhouse, made by Ron Russum, located at right rear corner of garden.
 Same 3rd birdhouse, close view(s).  This is the most popular one.  On the right photo, you can even see twigs inside where the birds are building a nest.

Thanks to Vernon Maddox & Ron Russum for making the birdhouses & to all for helping to install these lovely bird condos.

Welcome "birdies" to our community garden! 

And to all you gardeners.... enjoy, the birds & the bees, the sun & the trees :)  Happy gardening!!