Friday, July 25, 2014

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary....

... How does your garden grow?
with weed fabric, and chat gravel,
and pretty raised beds all in a row.

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New Raised Beds on Gravel

[HOH] Harvest of Hope Garden (picture taken from inside garden facing southeast towards expansion)
Above, you can see how the Harvest of Hope Garden (recently expanded to the east), now has weed fabric added, chat/gravel, and new raised beds. More fabric and gravel will be added to cover grass area (future).

The Shed

Below is a picture of how the shed looks now, before it is expanded to double the size (future construction). HOH gardeners say that the shed expansion can be done for under $300 !!  This shed currently stores tools, supplies, a wheelbarrow, etc.  With the HOH Garden expansion this past year and continuous raised bed constructions, the shed is well overdue for enlargement as well to support the efforts of the gardeners.

Lumber sits (to the right of the shed) where the shed will be expanded.
Weigh Station is on left, partially shown.

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for a few upcoming events:

  • Planting Fall Vegetables CLASS:  Aug. 23rd. at 9:00 am at HOH.  What to plant and 'how to' will be discussed.
  • Kingsport Pepper Fest to be held at the Farmer's Market downtown on Saturday, September 13th from 9-4pm.  The Farmers Market is located at the corner of Clinchfield and Center Streets, near the new Food City.
  • Fall/Winter CLEANUP will be Oct. 18th. at 10:00 am.


Enjoy these recent pictures, taken from left to right, of the Harvest of Hope Garden. With all of these wonderful improvements to the garden and over five-hundred (500) pounds of produce harvested so far this season, one could say that "... your HOH Garden grows quite well, Mary!"

Happy Gardening :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Recent Harvest, Mini-Maker Faire, etc

Below are photos from yesterday's harvest at Harvest of Hope Community Garden..... a whole wheelbarrow full!

Photo was taken just before produce was transported to Kitchen of Hope and St. Paul's Food Pantry, just two of the many local charities supported by Harvest of Hope produce.  Learn more about the Feed Kingsport at  So far, over three hundred (300) pounds of produce have been harvested from Harvest of Hope so far this season.

Todays' Harvest in pounds (#) each:
Cucumber (18#), Onion (6#), Cabbage (6#), Potatoes (38#), Squash (4#),  and Beans (2#)

1st Cauliflower this season

New pathway and step to shed; keeps mud out :)

New raised bed for:  future Rasberries, Blackberries, etc.

1st Corn of the season

YMCA volunteers hard at work

HOH Master Gardeners harvesting crops

More YMCA Volunteers

On a side note, the Harvest of Hope Community Garden will have a booth at the:

Kingsport Mini-Maker Faire,
Sunday, July 13th from 1-6pm

Learn more about community gardening, hear about the upcoming Pepper Festival that HOH is organizing, and more!  See Kingsport Mini-Maker Faire for more info on the Faire.

Happy 4th and Happy Gardening!