Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Grandmother's Flower Garden" Quilt Block Links Harvest of Hope Garden to Quilt Trail

Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt & Quilt Block with family members, gardeners
Original 1950s Quilt (bottom left) made by Pauline Taylor; Taylor's Descendants (left);
Quilt Block (middle); HOH Master Gardeners (right)

On Wednesday, February 4th, the Harvest of Hope Community Garden hosted the unveiling of their new quilt block, thus becoming the 17th member of the Downtown Kingsport Quilt Trail. Maybe, while traveling, you have seen quilt blocks located on barns in the midwest. The idea for quilt trails had originated in Ohio, many years ago, as a way to honor family & their heritage, and include artistry in the landscape.  Now Kingsport, and the greater Northeast Tennessee have one!  See QuiltTrail.org.

Quilt Unveiling:  Before & After Photo
BEFORE & AFTER  The Quilt Unveiling

The painted, wooden quilt block, shown framed and standing upright in photos, was inspired by the original "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilt, sewn by Pauline J. Taylor back in the 1950's. Taylor's Family and granddaughter, Jill Taylor Parsons, wanted to honor their grandmother by using her quilts to inspire quilt blocks for the trail.  

Pauline Taylor was not only a quilter and seamstress, but an avid gardener. In addition she was involved in the early Kingsport Farmers Market, which was located across the street from where Harvest of Hope is now. 

quilt block next to Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt
Quilt Block (left) painted by Jill Taylor Parsons (holding quilt) & Faye Boushley (not shown)

Although Harvest of Hope (HOH) Community Garden's main goal is involving the public to grow their own food (and some for the community soup kitchens and food pantries), its natural beauty made it also a perfect home for the "Grandmother's Flower Garden" Quilt Block. According to Master Garden Doug Hilton, gardeners can grow whatever they would like, but a portion of everyone’s harvests should be donated to help feed the hungry (www.feedkingsport.org).

Master Gardeners at HOH have designed a landscape plan to embellish the surroundings of the quilt block.  Over the next few months, stepping stones will be placed in front of the block so viewers can look up close.  Mulch and flowers will be added of course, for further beauty.  

HOH Garden LANDSCAPE PLAN for area surrounding Quilt Block (View from Top)

Be sure to stop by the garden at 130 W. Charlemont St. in downtown Kingsport to see the quilt block and the gardens!  Please check our  2015 Calendar of Events for future activities.

quilt trail sign

Grandmother's Flower Garden is a quilt pattern.  The quilt is made by cutting small hexagon fabric shapes, then piecing and sewing into a flower/diamond shape.  It was a style very popular in the 1930's and led to other quilt pattern blocks styles. Want to know more about the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilting style and its history?